Welcome to the realm of Status Faux Custom Finishes, where truly remarkable solutions await your decorating needs.

Faux painting and decorative finishing refer to the class of techniques used for walls, furniture and virtually all surfaces simulating recognizable textures.  The word "faux" comes from the French word meaning false, as these techniques began as a way of emulating natural materials such as marble and wood, and have grown to a broad spectrum of pleasing and spectacular solutions for those who normally would opt for regular painting or wallpaper.

Whether your requirements, desires and vision are for a large or small space, from wanting a new look or restoration, from abstract effects to murals, Status Faux is ready to suit your tastes.

To the discriminating, selective client willing to accept only the highest quality, let our unique styles make a difference in your home or business with customized painted finishes. Status Faux is a professional company in business since 2002 and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a A+ rating. We are an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Industry Partner.

Through the use of innovative materials and techniques, a new and wonderful standard of beauty is available.  Invite us in to show you incomparable effects that create gorgeous dimension, movement, complexity and color relationships. Let us show you how with one of our many portfolio samples.

In addition to many beautiful and detailed finishes, we are equipped to help you with your general painting needs.  Unlike others in the field, we do not require that you hire or that we subcontract outside contractors to perform wallpaper removal, surface repair and preparation, base coating and straight painting of walls, trim, ceiling, etc. We will take care of everything for you.  No need for you to schedule or coordinate with other service providers.

Our goal is to make what can be a complicated and hassling process for you one that is quick and painless, and lessens the work you need to do.  Allow us to deliver consolidated services and simplify your efforts.


The class of techniques known as "Faux Painting" is not limited to abstract wall designs, and we are leaders in being able to provide you with a wide array of offerings, including but not limited to:

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We are unique in the:

  • Depth, breadth and variety of our product lines.

  • Education, training and development of our artists.

  • Use of only the finest materials to render outstanding finishes.

  • Standard of quality and ethics we hold ourselves to on every single client engagement.

  • Ability to help ease you through difficult decisions and to confidently select your optimal solution.​

Visit our Before & After Gallery for many more examples.

Beyond wall and furniture painting services, we also offer fine finish carpentry (e.g. moldings, casings, chair rails, fireplaces) and budget-minded options for cabinet and countertop resurfacing. Look no further than to Status Faux for your comprehensive fine decorating needs. 

Let us help you focus on selecting a whole new look that you may have not imagined before. 

We are located in Great Neck, New York and available to meet with you at your convenience.We serve the entire Long Island area in both Nassau and Suffolk county, from the gold coast to the five towns, from the north shore to the south shore, and all boroughs of New York City. Local references available upon request. We are fully licensed and insured. 

Tip of the Day:  It is a fallacy that "primer is primer".  Depending on existing surface conditions and the planned new finish, primer is a unique material whose selection takes understanding, knowledge and thought.  The difference between oil and water based primers is key to understand in order to ensure that the end result is properly achieved, and knowing when and if to prime is similar. Frequently misunderstood and unknown to many, formulation type and quality is vital.  That is NOT to say that more expensive materials are always required, but that consulting with your materials supplier is always a good idea.  We do not believe that the newer combination "paint/primer" combinations are effective, as this is a marketing ploy to sell product.  Take the time and care to use independent materials, in layers, when needed, depending on the objectives of the project.

Long Island, NY, Custom Hand Painted Decorative Wall Finishes

Status Faux is pleased to offer:

  • Faux finishes of all types
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Trim carpentry
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Interior design and color consultation
  • Custom samples per your requirements
  • Free estimates

Sometimes specified by interior designers, decorators and architects, what was once a field limited to simple sponge painting and rag rolling, a myriad of gorgeous solutions is now available for all spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining rooms, office space and more.  But walls are not all that is in scope.  Imagine a whole new look for your cabinets, countertop, furniture, furnishings, floor, fireplace, architectural elements, and more. The world of possibilities is limited only by your imagination.