What do you do?

In short, we create extraordinary finishes different from what our clients have likely experienced before. As a result of advanced style and applied methods training with truly innovative products, we routinely render greater interest, warmth, sophisticated subtlety and sublime magnificence in both formal and informal settings than that which has been available to date. Our work is equally sought and valued across many settings, from the most distinguished, proper and reserved, to the most whimsical, carefree and capricious. Our work does not need to be fancy to be noticed and treasured. The simplest, softest and least conspicuous finishes stir as much recognition and fondness as the technically complex.

Our work is commissioned not only by discriminating private home and business owners, but via professional designers, decorators, architects and general contractors as well. Our clients have historically originated from responses to our advertising, but have become increasingly and predominantly referral-based. While we continually strive to identify and develop new relationships in new communities, an equal goal is to support and nurture our growing network of satisfied customers and their personal referrals whose trust and faith we continually earn.

Our specialty lies in developing non-traditional faux finishes. Through the use of a new class of waterborne materials that offer translucent freshness, depth, movement and dimension not possible with standard materials (e.g. general usage paints and glazes) strictly employed by others, we are able to create a lovely appearance with serious impact. When specified by a client or their designer, we can and will use more basic materials; however it is important to understand their limitations and the tradeoffs involved. In the end, the type of material utilized should optimize the overall requirement, based on quality, effect, complexity, timeframe and budget.

All of our work is custom. Color, pattern (or lack thereof) and control over all aspects of the resultant finish are planned and executed with regard to the client's requirements. We are not limited to offering standard, off-the-shelf, products. On the contrary, the finish our clients receive, if not one-of-a-kind, is certainly unique in that any other client requesting the same result will have theirs created uniquely for them as well. Our work is not easily reproducible, else more and lesser skilled people would engage in it. It is neither simple to learn nor simple to execute. This is professional master art.

Unless by design, the finishes we specialize in are not based on regular patterns or repeats. This is not wallpaper nor do we intend to emulate or compete with it. Wallpaper offers wonderful decorating solutions. However, if you object to having seams appear in time, notice corners that lift, grow bored with regularly repeating patterns, and lose control over having others copy your ideas, then custom work is for you.

In addition to specialty finishes, we offer interior and exterior straight painting to help consolidate services for clients with compound needs. By providing one-stop shopping and ease of project coordination for you, we hope to facilitate your complex requirements and issues of timing, supervision and control. Please be sure to ask about how we can provide value-added service and help save you time, effort and money.

What kind of insurance do you carry?

We carry comprehensive liability insurance covering up to $1 million in loss. The policy we have is tailored to our specialties and offers complete protection.

Per a law enacted January 1, 2003, as required by Nassau County we are fully licensed to practice home improvement. It is vital that you are aware of this requirement and insist that your contractor demonstrate proof of such credential. Unlicensed practitioners, being in violation of the law, are subject to substantial fines and jail terms for failure to abide by the regulation. In addition, any contract written by unlicensed contractors is automatically void, indefensible and worthless.


Is your company accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Are you a member of professional assocations?

Yes.  We have an A+ rating since our company was established. We have and continue to fulfill all BBB's policies, performance and requirements. By clicking on the BBB seal found on pages of this site, you will find all pertinent information and verify our standing.

We are an Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers.

What is Status Faux?

Status Faux Custom Finishes is a full service decorative painting company serving the residential, commercial and professional facility markets. Our services include high-end finishes applicable to any surface worthy of beautification or just plain change, including but not limited to walls, furniture, cabinetry, columns, trim and details, accessories, etc. Even floors! We offer new and exciting solutions and alternatives to conventional decorating plans and cater to a selective and particular clientele.

Who are your principals?

Dwight Weissman, Status Faux’s director and founder, is an accomplished artist, mentor and administrator. His familiarity and experience with various painting methods along with his pursuit of advanced methods has brought the company to utilize unique and extraordinary resources and supplies developed by Faux Effects™ on which our primary portfolio is based. Over the past several years, our clients have had the advantage of obtaining remarkable finishes made possible due to Faux Effects™’ breakthroughs.

A technically savvy and detail-oriented person, Dwight transitioned to the world of commercial artistry after spending 25 years in the world of finance specializing in the development of expert software and international project management. Ever a hands-on, mechanically adroit person, Dwight’s career migration to the creative arts was the result of a life-long vision. Dwight’s credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. His qualifications in decorative art come from completed coursework at The Finishing School™, one of the country’s most renowned sources of advanced applied methods development. Dwight’s pursuit of additional and advanced techniques and their application to our clients is continuous.

Where are you located?

We are located in Great Neck, New York and available to meet with you at your convenience. We serve the entire Long Island area in both Nassau and Suffolk county, from the gold coast to the five towns, from the north shore to the south shore. We also service all boroughs of New York City.  References local to you are available upon request.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We are fully licensed and insured. Our portfolio and product line continues to grow in depth and breadth in response to not only popular market demand, but to stay current with innovative designs, styles, motifs and processes as they are developed. We are a leader in delivering the latest fashion and not followers. Our practice is certified by Faux Effects International, the manufacturer and distributor of the proprietary class of materials we use to perform and achieve specific techniques. We pursue continual professional education and advanced technique training as it becomes available in order to remain in the forefront of our field.

While we are tempted by the prospects of leveraged growth, our preference is to remain a small, closely held company capable of providing seamless personal service and delivering uncompromised quality at all costs. Our client relationships are our vitality, our primary focus and held in the utmost esteem.

Versus those who sell a limited portfolio from a fixed repertoire, as custom artists our concentration is on our clients' requirements, preferences, desires and needs. We will never restrict a client to select from what we have already done or demonstrated, but rather to work with us to creatively find whatever solutions we can provide to their specifications and sense of style.

We are firmly convinced that the critical success factors in a service business are simple: Treat every client the way we would want to be treated. Price and quality are not the only way to establish trust and reputation. To the extent that we have sufficient control over events, we will always:

  • Return all phone calls promptly, from initial inquiry through project completion and beyond.
  • Respect and value our clients’ time.
  • Approach, price and conduct each project as if it were our only one.
  • Start on time as promised.
  • Complete on time as promised.
  • Work on consecutive days until the project is complete. Never leave incomplete work without client knowledge and permission.
  • Respect and treat client property and premises if they were our own. We are guests in our client’s premises.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work space. Leave premises as clean as we find them.