Combining the translucent, 3-dimensional feature of burnished Venetian Gem with additional properties of tinted Venetian Gem tinting base, a striking, glasslike complex finish is possible.  In this sample, several layers of Sand color plaster provides a neutral base for the white accent.

For both the professional and the novice, do not, repeat NOT, attempt shortcuts to save on time or cost when glazing.  A well-sealed surface is paramount, given that today's glaze formulations chemically and physically bond with their underlayer. Trying to speed up or "cheap out" and preparing the surface insufficiently WILL cause of shoddy effect and extra effort in application.

Properly executed glaze finishes require learning, practice and perfection. Don't expect to get it right the first time or in a short period. Experiment and test before attempting anything on your walls. This is a tricky process and you will be glad you did it right!‚Äč