I spent a lot of time and money on my finish and don’t want others copying it. What can you do about this?What do you mean by “custom” finishes?

In addition to guaranteeing your privacy and anonymity if desired, if you require we can provide and maintain special exclusivity of your decorative finish.

Should you determine that your custom work is highly personal, the result of extensive design effort, and deserving of protection against others duplicating your design and rendering it non-unique, we can arrange a protective covenant with you specifying that we will not reproduce that finish for others within specific bounds. The elements of such agreement will be tailored to your requirements, and may include such aspects as finish type, colors and combinations, patterns, scale, material usage, etc. In addition, the covenant’s restrictions will specify geographical boundaries/radius and time limit of such protection. Such arrangement will be subject to a fee during its effective period and scope.

For those with less rigorous requirements, should you specify that we not photograph your finished work or to keep photographs from being shown, please let us know so that we can act accordingly in deference to your desires. Our preference is to photograph all finished work for our records as well as to use in displaying our portfolio, but only if authorized to do so.

What is the difference between a quote, a proposal and a contract?

A quote is an abbreviated proposal that merely indicates the basic particulars, including client name and address, a bulleted listing of services to be rendered and a price.

A proposal is an expanded quote or estimate. In this, we detail all aspects of the engagement, defining:

  • Scope
  • The client’s preliminary selections or decisions along with specifics
  • How the project will run and what steps will be accomplished
  • Price
  • Terms
  • Notes and codicils regarding client and contractor responsibilities, a description of the custom sample process, and a description of what the deposit will cover.

A signed proposal becomes a letter of agreement or contract.

What do you mean by project “scope” (in and out of scope)?

Details that specify what will be addressed and included. Scope is rarely all encompassing, but rather a definitive list with exceptions noted. Such out-of-scope items may be specifically itemized in order to avoid confusion, miscommunication and failed expectations, however if items are not listed as in-scope their disposition status may be inferred as out of scope.

We make no assumptions about what is in and out of scope. Please be sure to mention all of your requirements and expectations when discussing the project, and be sure to read the proposal carefully before signing to agree on what is being done and what is not being done.

Changes to project scope are frequent and normal, as decorating decisions are sometimes made "on the fly" or ideas developed after initial thought. Please be sure to formalize such requests, understand that increased work takes time and that additional charges may apply. We will always discuss this with you prior to performing such work and never allow any surprises upon project completion. Relatively "simple" changes such as color modifications may not require scope change or additional work, but may result in additional cost if we are required to purchase additional materials.

Prep services are extra, including wallpaper removal and surface restoration. We do not insist on doing the work ourselves and we welcome your participation or selection of others to prep. Be aware that certain finishes required properly prepared surfaces. Preparation is not trivial and takes time. It is a frequently underestimated project element.

In cases where there is new construction or improvement upon which the decorative finish is desired, there can be a misunderstanding over who is responsible for what (i.e. Carpenter vs. painter/artist). Unless otherwise stated in our proposal, our assumption and requirement is that surfaces are paint-ready (explain this). We will not take any undue risks and paint over unprepared or poorly prepared surfaces, but rather identify issues and report them to you for resolution. We never take the attitude of “it’s not my job" but rather seek to clarify what needs to be done in order to please you. Please insist on your contractor's completeness of work per our specifications. If we need to finish their work, please note that a nominal fee may be involved as this work takes time.

In cases where commercially available materials such as wall paint are required, we do not insist on providing the materials or charging a fee, as we do not markup materials. Please feel free to supply such materials if you desire, especially if you already have them available or have the ability to obtain them at a favorable cost. However, we may insist on specific brands or product types in order to achieve finishes of optimal quality.

Can you give me the names of references?What kind of materials and process do you use?

We appreciate your desire to speak with references, to ask for corroborating testament to the quality of and satisfaction with our work, and for assurances from those before you who have gone through the same process as you in selecting a custom artist.

Per your needs, interest and due diligence, we stand ready to provide you with the names and contact information of existing clients with whom you can speak and whose experiences can be shared. Based on the type of work you are seeking, we will put you in contact with those whose projects are sufficiently similar that you can feel you are getting an equivalent and appropriate appraisal from. To remove any sense of bias, if you prefer we can give you names of those projects were not similar to yours in order for you to get yet a more general view.

We never provide the name or number of a client without specifically asking their permission prior. Our clients’ identities are private and preserved and are not shared without their explicit consent. We hope to be able to ask you too for your participation as a reference post completion of your project. We are confident that you will be agreeable to and welcome the opportunity to share your experience as others have before you.

With any luck, the reference you call may be within easy driving distance such that a site visit to view their decorative finish may be helpful in your decision process. If not, and if available, we will be happy to send you photographs of such client’s work for your examination (with that client’s permission, of course). When the time comes that we may ask for you to be a reference, we will absolutely respect your privacy and wishes as well.